Whether it’s your home or business, we as a whole relish realizing that what we care about is protected and secure. You will most likely be unable to be alert 24-hours a day, however because of CCTV cameras and other home security systems, you can ensure that what is important to you is watched over.

Apart from our CCTV installations, we also supply, service, and upgrade all types of CCTV systems. We offer a vast range of products and install various types of security systems based on the needs of our clients. Some of these include digital I.P High-Definition Cameras and NVR’s, High Resolution HDCVI systems, High Resolution Analog systems, AHD systems, covert/hidden cameras, motion recording systems, audio recording cameras, and much more.


A surveillance system is not only one of the best deterrents for burglar, but  also great for early warning and gathering evidence to catch the intruders.

The Benefits!

Linking our CCTV camera system to your home internetr will allow you streaming video to a remote site simply by using your web browser or software provided by us. Perfect for checking up on children’s safety or just for peace of mind when  on holiday

What about at night?

No problem. We provide the highest quality night vision (IR Cameras) that will provide good surveillance footage even in the darkest of conditions.

Business Security Access Control System

When you think of a robbery or home intrusion, you probably visualise a daring burglar masterfully disabling the alarms and using a weak point in your attic windows to gain access into your home. However, most threats enter through the front door.

Better Security with Access Control Security Systems

If you have been locking your entry door and leaving the key in one of the usual places – under the mat, a stone or a flower vase – or worrying that you may have left your garage door open, you should consider using the Access Control solutions offered by NeoSmart Security Professionals.

Access control provides you with total visibility and control over all the entry points of your home or property, which dramatically enhances your security. We integrate your garage door control and door locks seamlessly to our intelligent platform, giving you the same customised automation options, control, and real-time visibility that you have become accustomed to with your Smart security system.

Control for Garage Doors

You can manage your garage doors automatically or on-demand using your mobile device or laptop. Mobile access control lets you open and close the garage door from anywhere in the world. And for peace of mind, you get a reminder if you forget to close it.

  • You can check in your mobile device or laptop to see if your garage door is closed wherever you are
  • You automatically close your garage door every time you arm your system

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