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Clipsal Cbus Installers Johannesburg

We Install And Do Clipsal Cbus Maintenance In Johannesburg. Smart Homes Call Us On 011 568 9826 Email: info@neosmart.co.za. If you are looking at home automation for your home, or need a home automation repair or C-Bus electrician, you have come to the right place. C-bus home automation repair and installation has been one of our core services at Neosmart for many years. We are specialist C-Bus electricians, we bring the latest technology into your home, making life a whole lot easier! 

When it comes to finding a C-bus installation or repair, not only do we have a reliable and highly skilled C-bus electrician team of trusted Trusted C-bus repairers and installers, we offer a lifetime labour warranty too. 
If you have any questions about C-Bus or would like to know more about it, one of our qualified electricians would be happy to chat. Give us a call on

What is C-Bus Home Automation?

Technology has forged ahead in leaps and bounds over the last few years, and nowhere is this more evident in our homes. ‘Home automation’ has become something of a buzzword, with more and more automatic controls of our devices and electronics becoming used. We refer to automated homes as ‘smart homes’ because of the technological conveniences and efficiencies they offer. 

In a nutshell, home automation is:

“The use of technology to control electronic household functions or devices.”

It sounds simple, and really it is. But because it’s new technology used in smart homes it can be a bit overwhelming. Our professional Sydney electricians at Glenco have been installing this home automation technology for many years, so we’re not overwhelmed by it at all. In fact, we’re experts in home automation, and the system we highly recommend is the Clipsal C-bus system. 

Made by Clipsal, a highly regarded Australian brand of electrical accessories, C-Bus controls electrical services in your home using a microprocessor system. This means you can control the lighting in your home as well as the things like fans, air-conditioning, electric blinds or even underfloor heating. Much of the operation can be done simply by pressing a button on your phone. How easy is that?

Our Clipsal C-Bus home automation experts would love to answer any questions you have about the technology. This electronic control and management system is a game changer for Sydney homes, and we’d love to tell you why.  

The Benefits of a C-Bus Home Automation System

The Clipsal C-Bus home automation system comes with numerous advantages for you to enjoy. Once you have it installed, you’ll probably wonder how you ever got by without it! Imagine being able to run on the air-con in your home an hour before you arrive, so you know you’ll want straight out of the summer heat into a nice cool property? The flexibility and the convenience of the C-Bus home automation system is amazing. Here are some other C-Bus benefits:

  • If you’re out at a restaurant and you realise you forgot to leave a light on, you can turn the lights on remotely using your phone. This is great for security because it makes it appear like someone’s home. 
  • Don’t waste time running around your entire property turning off lights when you leave or go to bed. With C-Bus home automation a single button will turn off every light in the house. You can then turn on individual lights at your discretion for the purpose of security.
  • The flexibility of a C-bus system means it can be programmed to control multiple items within your home. So long as the item uses electricity to operate, it can be connected to the C-Bus system and operated remotely. Examples include garage roller doors, air conditioning, pool and spa pump systems, intercoms and electronic blinds. 
  • Freezing your mittens off on a cold winter day in Sydney? With C-Bus you can adjust the temperature of your home through its climate control system before you even get there, so that you have a nice, toasty warm home to welcome you back from work. 
  • C-Bus is flexible, so you can add and remove switches in your home easily for even more convenience.
  • With third party applications linked to C-Bus home automation, you don’t have to be home or give keys to people to allow them access into your home. Letting people in (such as house cleaners, relatives, repairmen ) and keeping tabs on them is as easy as tapping a button on your mobile. 

Energy Saving with C-Bus 

Another great C-Bus home automation benefit is you can save on energy and consequently, energy costs. Lights and cooling and heating systems that are left on when no one is around consume a lot of energy and increase your energy bill. These can be controlled remotely so you can conveniently turn them off when not in use, and on again right when you need them. You can also choose to have them turn on at a time that saves the most energy. 

At Neosmart our C-bus electrician can also provide you with other energy saving advice. Just ask us next time we are completing a job for you.

Why C-Bus Works So Well

  • Built to last: C-Bus systems are robust and durable. It’s a quality product from an Australian brand, and when installed by a licensed C-Bus electrician from Glenco you can expect years of use with no issues. 
  • Flexibility: The ability to add, change or remove functions at any times gives you complete control over your home’s electronics. C-Bus is designed to adapt and fit your lifestyle, not the other way around. 
  • Third party integration: C-Bus is adaptable, always placing user needs as its main priority. The manufacturers have chosen to be inclusive rather than make it difficult to work with other parties, so C-bus can integrate with PC’s and other systems.
  • Easy to Use: It makes sense that there should be a gentle learning curve in getting accustomed to using your C-Bus home automation system. It’s not difficult to learn, so you’ll be up and running with C-Bus before you know it.
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